Arkos Interactive

Providing 3D animation & virtual reality solutions
Startup name
Arkos Interactive
Founding date
April 2013
Total team member
Startup stage
Paying users
Enterprise, Consumer, Software
Communications & media, E-commerce & online marketplaces, Gaming, Mobile, Music & entertainment, Virtual reality
Product usage or interact
Desktop, Mobile/Tablet (Android), Hardware-wearable
Abuja, FCT, Nigeria

Elevator pitch

Arkos Interactive is a company that is revolutionizing Africa's Ed-tech and entertainment sector through Visual Tech such as Virtual Reality & Animation.


Williams Agi

My name is Agi Williams, a VFX Artist, Games Developer and Animator. I'm a Nigerian, from a family of 5. I graduated from high school some years ago and decided to follow my passion and start a company and do something productive for my country and continent. I am very passionate and dedicated.

Ojima Reuben

I am a well read CG artist and games developer with four years experience. I am a Nigerian and from a family of 5. I have a passion for technology and upcoming trends in the tech world. I am very dedicated to my work and express creativity and expertise any where I see my skills relevant.

Jude Auta

A skilled gaming enthusiast and developer with over 4 years of experience who has passion for the industry and as such crossed paths with the team and has been involved hook, line and sinker ever since.

Business model

Target customer

Our customers range from 60 - 80% of the general public.

Customer acquisition strategy

Social media, customer referrals, public exhibitions, email marketing,

Revenue model

Our revenue model is one that is very vast and explicit, as we offer several products and services to the general public. Such as;
1. High paying Corporate firms who require visual and tech related services.
2. Large revenues generated from cinema houses from launch of feature films, animation, etc.
3. Virtual Reality showrooms, exhibitions and experience centres.
4. Global sales of video game copies by using marketers and distributors
5. Virtual reality solutions for educational sector.

Market info

Market size

$ 30,000,000



The above listed are our major competitors, but as a brand in a vast market, the building blocks which characterise our confidence in the industry is our unique factors of creativity, reliability, promptness to work, and expertise.
Hence the above listed competitors have the strength of a vast clientele, and a growing business, but are restricted to very few services, and this is our opportunity which we leverage on as a business. We are versatile and specialized across multiple fields.

Startup traction

Marketing ;-
Over the period of one year we have been able to enhance our marketing skills by reaching out to larger networks of corporations, companies and organisations to patronise us and we have had more than 2000 people actively engaged.

Social Media; -
Upon the release of a product or service, we utilise social media promotion as an effective tool to direct our audience to a central point of not just being fascinated, but patronising nd recommending. We have more than 10,000 people actively engaged from time to time.

We have been able to sell several products and services to more than 200 clients in less than a year.

Publication date: 18 June 2018