The Smart Labor Marketplace Network.
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May 2015
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Desktop, Mobile/Tablet (iOS), Mobile/Tablet (Android)
Sanaa, Sanaa, Yemen

Elevator pitch

AnaMehani is a smart labor marketplace provides all vetted community-based skilled and causal workers such as (plumber, engineer, electrician, welder, painter and etc.) with potential clients in ease way.


Saeed Alfagieh

Saeed Alfagieh CEO, Founder Qualification: Bachelor in IST and diploma in business management. Current Position: CEO at AnaMehani LLC. Saeed is an Internet Entrepreneur, has 7 years of experience in web development and web entrepreneurship. He has a passion for the Internet technologies and we

Osama Alshami

Current Position: Web Designer Osama has an experience over 4 years in UI & UX field and graphics design. Osama has exceptional enthusiastic skills in graphic designs and he is currently pursuing his dream to open a dedicated startup for creative design.

Maher Alrahomi

Current Position: CDO at AnaMehani LLC Maher’s a young entrepreneur who had the experience of studying the U.S which enlightened him with great innovative and creative skills that can run projects greatly.

Business model

Target customer

Individuals over 18 - Medium and large businesses and organizations

Customer acquisition strategy

Free trail- quality-Speed-Flexible platforms-new products&markets

Revenue model

Anamehani features effective modules that insure flexibility and adapts the elements of both the labor supply and market demands for everyday services.

a) Flat fee (Credits for subscribing laborers &Clients).
b) 30% from each operation (Contracted Elite Team of laborers) – guaranteed offers.
c) Dedicated system for companies.
d) Dedicated system for NGOs and CSOs.
e) Premium accounts offering more options for both clients and labors.
f) Paid advertisement.
g) Employment and prof

Market info

Market size

$ 45,000,000



AnaMehani has two types of competitors, the direct ones use the same orientation in requesting workers. and the indirect competitors use classic methods of receiving work requests. The main competitors are (Taskty, FIXit, angieslist, UpWork, TaskRabbit, goyemen& opensooq).
The direct rivals: There are few leading platforms in this category; however, AnaMehani will compete them head to head. We know these rivals have advanced and sophisticated systems and also have enough shares in the market.


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Startup traction

Traffic Rate:
We started the alpha version for web platform in May 2015 and for the mobile platform in Dec 2015, finished the beta version for both versions by the mid of 2016 and now we have a monthly traffic engagement of over 30000
2- Product Engagement:
Since the launch of the beta platforms in the mid of 2016 and in a war situation , we have a volume of 244866 USD of sold services .
3- Advisory Board:
After we won the first place in Blockone startups competition in by the end of Dec 2014, we were incubated for the first 6 months and had a mentorship of business PHD holder and collage professor (Mr. Sharaf Alkebsi), later on by the first quarter of 2015, we have been reached out by the former Minster of Youth and Sport of Yemen (Mr. Rafat Alakhali) who is now a studying higher studies in Oxford University, After being chosen by the world economic forum, Mr. Yousf Hameed aldden has agreed to join our board in 2017.

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Our management team has the right mix of experience, passion, and expertise; and that is the exact recipe for a successful startup.
1- Saeed Alfagieh - The Smiley CEO& Founder holds a bachelor in IST;
2- Maher Alrahomi - The CDO& Co-founder holds a degree in Business Management
3- Osama Alshami - The Pet Designer& Co-founder holds a degree in Architecture.

The rest of the team is composed of:
1- Sumaia Melhi - The Novice Website Developer
2- Muhammad Alomair - The Mobile App Coder
3- Yasmin Alkhayat - The Sales Generator
4- Salwa Almulaiki - The Pretty Social Marketing

Publication date: 12 October 2017