AGCNigeria is an health innovation company where we use technology to create solutions to veritable problems affecting the health sector.
Startup name
Founding date
May 2015
Total team member
Startup stage
Paying users
Enterprise software, Health & wellbeing
Product usage or interact
Desktop, Mobile/Tablet (Android)
Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria

Elevator pitch

AGCNigeria is a heath-tech startup using technology to solve problems in the health sector.
Our app, GenRx, is solving the problem of drug expiration, drug interactions and drug overdose in pharmacies and hospitals.


Raphael Olaniyi

My name is Olaniyi Tosin Raphael. I'm a Nigerian. I'm a pharmacist by profession and programmer by passion. I have a string passion for both health and tech.

Paul Ajayi

Economist & PMP Certified

Tunde Ojediran

Google Trained UI & UX Specialist

Business model

Target customer

Pharmacies, hospital pharmacies

Customer acquisition strategy

Pharmacy to pharmacy visits, ACPN (association of community pharmacy),

Revenue model

1. Monthly subscription model
2. Fees for special features/functionality deployment

Market info

Market size

$ 1,000,000,000



These competitors have been around in the market space for a while now. However, the major set back is the high cost of these other options.
Hence, pharmacies and hospitals that we have met so far prefer GenRx because it is readily affordable and it is well adapted for local use, as opposed to a foreign developed software.

Also, GenRx has clinical features which competitors like QuickBooks and SalesPro don't offer.


  • 130 Paying/Subscribing customers

Startup traction

For the past 1 year and half, we have managed to gather over 100 subscribing pharmacies and hospitals solely based on self-funding and no paid ads.

Publication date: 21 July 2017