Aferdoc LTD

Aferdoc is an online medical consultation platform
Startup name
Aferdoc LTD
Founding date
December 2017
Total team member
Startup stage
Paying users
Health & wellbeing, Med tech & pharma
Product usage or interact
Desktop, Mobile/Tablet (Android)
Kampala District, Central Region, Uganda

Elevator pitch

My company, Aferdoc is developing a medical consultation platform to help Ugandans between 15 and 64 years of age to access doctors quickly online and through SMS channel regardless of their location.


Samuel Kagamba

I am a single 28 year old Medical doctor working at Aferdoc Ltd. I was born on 09.06.1989 in Nabagaya village in Luwero District in central Uganda to Mr. Ssemakula Paul and Ms.Florence Namubiru . I am the first born of my mother amongst her 5 children, having 1 brother and 3 sisters.

Business model

Target customer

our target customers are persons between the age of 15-64 years.

Customer acquisition strategy

our customer acquisition strategy is intensive advertising.

Revenue model

Aferdoc charges 30% as connection fee off the consultation fees from each and every doctor when consulted. - Aferdoc also has six advertising spaces on its platform which it gives businesses which would wish to advertise with it especially drug companies that want to create awareness of their products to health care providers.

Market info

Market size

$ 2,000,000,000



The Medical Concierge Group also designs and deploys scalable models for unlimited access to holistic, affordable and quality health care products.The group offers its services with a team of only 5 in-house doctors who receive calls/texts
Access mobile was founded in 2011. Access mobile is a digital health company committed to improving access to quality healthcare in emerging markets. It mostly designs hospital/practice management soft wares.

Startup traction

Aferdoc has a number of 200 doctors and other healthcare providers who are professional and ready to provide health care to patients.
we also gather 1000 monthly users who receive healthcare from our doctors.

Other information

-Friends and family
-Angel investors
- Venture capital
-Small Business Administration – government guaranteed loans made by banks.
-Credit cards
-second mortgages,
-consumer debt
-Customer advances – customers pay for merchandise or service at time of order in
order to assist business and secure needed product.
-Customer participation – customers purchase an equity stake in the business to
secure need product and reliable source of supply.
- Vendor participation
-Working Capital (accounts receivable, inventory, accounts payable)

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Aferdoc limited has two sides. the is the side of the patients. patients signup with aferdoc and own accounts which helps them during consultations. It also has this is for only doctors them selves. this side enable doctors to apply and join the platform which helps them extend their services.
Aferdoc also has a blog this helps in teach people on how to leave a healthy life.

Publication date: 06 April 2018